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At least Star Jones has to her credit she is a lawyer Donny is Advertising. It http://www.nicesteelers.com was better with Dr. Nancy. I think America has had their fill of Rosie. and flatsMon Dec 5, 2011

Why are people so nasty! It seems especially true with the extreme right that because they don't like President Obama(. PS that is who the majority elected!) they can't just be quiet or say something kind about the First Lady. bail you out of failure!Would Lardarius Webb Jersey you vote against a member of Congress if he or she failed to deliver earmarks to your http://www.hotravens.com/Ray_Rice_Jersey_RR177 state?Wed Mar 11, 2009

I am willing to give Obama a break. We are in such a terrible mess and we need to get things moving again. So the PERFECT bill with no earmarks isn't a reality now. Let's see if this bill helps get the people living in tents back into homes with jobs again. synchronized swimming at London Olympics'Rome alone': Boy, 11, slips through security, flies from UK to Italy without passportDo you believe in near-death experiences?Prisoners Terrell Suggs Jersey using antibiotic http://www.browns-shop.com/23_Joe_Haden ointment as hair gel -- why that's worrisome

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