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By Romesh Navaratnarajah: More banks in China are providing mortgage discounts. For instance Zijin Rural Commercial Bank in Nanjing is offering a 20 percent discount and preferential loan rate for clients who are not quality customers of the bank.

Meanwhile, banks offering a 15 percent discount include the Postal Savings Bank of China, China Guangfa Bank, Commercial Bank of China, Bank of Nanjing, John Abraham JerseyIndustrial and Commercial Bank of China and China Construction Bank.

According to a recent report, Chinese cities are now seeing lower mortgage rates and loan discounts as the central government eases its grip on property tightening measures.

"The relaxation has come in terms of lower mortgage http://www.onlyfalcons.com/Authentic-199ASAT_Michael_Turner_Jersey rates for more cities. That's been spreading," said Nicole Wong, a Hong Jacoby Jones Jersey Kong-based analyst at CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets.

However, some banks will not follow suit and are focusing on other types of lending such as personal business loans and small micro loans. The whole case has undoubtedly been sensationalised. More 禄

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