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The article talks about Sarah Palin, whose life has been, plastered over all media sources since her nomination to the Vice-Presidency for the Republican Party. Every aspect of her life is currently under a microscope lens and the question whether Sen. John McCain made the right choice keeps coming up. Did the Republican Party do enough research before nominating her? The article begins by addressing the fact that Oprah denied Palin and interview on her show because Oprah chooses to not use her show as a political platform for either side. Oprah Winfrey publicly announced her support for Barack Obama's candidacy. The article goes Ben Roethlisberger Jersey on to discuss other aspects and scandals of Palin's personal life. The big question behind all of these articles and accusations in the media is "Is she being scrutinized because she is a woman or is she being victimized to get ahead in the polls?"

Many topics can be discussed about Ravens Jersey the controversial Sarah Ray Rice Jersey Palin sexism, feminism, military, media, and education. She could be torn apart by the media due to the fact that she is the first woman to be VP nominee for the Republican Party, being reduced to sexiest comments and headlines. Did the Republican Party purposely choose a woman to even the historical context playing field for the 2008 elections? It doesn't matter which political party wins we are still making history. The topic of feminism can be touched upon due to the heightened expectations for her politics on women; moreover the question of race and gender are being heavily attacked in this campaign. As her personal life is highlighted the public questions her politics. She has a teen daughter who is pregnant out of wedlock but does not support sex education other than abstinence, and a son who is soon to be deployed to Iraq. The media has been representing her in negative light that seems to be helping her. At one point she was standing in such a negative light that anything she said would only make her human instead of affecting the voters who support her.

There are many interesting routes we can take with any article of Sarah Palin these days but I decided to focus on intersectionality. Intersectionality is a theory that studies different ways in which different unequal aspects (gender, race, religion etc.) come together and how they create a certain condition in society. Sarah Palin is a perfect candidate for the intersectionality theory, she is a woman, Republican, Christian, Ethics Supervisor of the commission ('03-'04), "hockey mom" mother of five, and governor of Alaska. The majority of the things listed on her media resume have much of nothing to do with the campaign. Joe Flacco Jersey The result of this is the creation of the perfect atmosphere for conservatives and women to relate to her personal struggles as a woman, mother, and wife instead of taking the time to evaluate if she is really suited for the job. On the opposing side her gender has also made it very easy to poke at Ben Roethlisberger Jersey her as a person not her politics. She has been put on covers of magazines with a headline that says "America's Hottest Governor". My question to this is since when is "hotness" substitute for capability to be a leader? What needs to be evaluated is the truth behind all this media coverage is she just being scrutinized for being a woman or is this a campaign tactic creating her into a victim? What people need to began to focus on is her platform before we vote on someone for the wrong reasons. She should be treated equal to any other person running for office.

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