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(AP) -- Charlotte Hornets guard David Wesley denied Thursday that he and teammate Josh Cribbs Women's Jersey Bobby Phills were racing in the moments before Phills was killed in a head-on crash near their practice arena. Wesley, testifying in his non-jury trial on driving-related charges, said he was well ahead of Phills on the road when he looked through the rearview mirror of his sports car and saw Phills crash.

"Were you racing Bobby Phills that day?" Bill Diehl, Wesley's lawyer, asked his client.

Wesley is charged with reckless driving and spontaneous speed competition in the Jan. 12 accident after a midmorning Hornets practice. Police say Wesley, 29, and Phills, 30, were racing their Porsches at more than 160 km/h when Phills lost control and slammed into another vehicle.

Wesley denied in court he was traveling that fast on the road where the accident occurred.

"Were you going 45?" Diehl asked. Wesley shook his head no.

"Were you going 100?" Diehl said.

Wesley replied: "No."

Wesley testified that Phills left the Charlotte Coliseum parking lot in his car before Wesley did and stopped at a red light on Michael Oher Kids Jersey Paul Buck Boulevard, which feeds coliseum traffic to Tyvola Road. Wesley said the light turned green before he reached Troy Polamalu Replica Jersey the traffic light, so he turned left onto Tyvola without stopping and passed by Phills, who also turned onto Tyvola.

Wesley was talking on his cell phone to his fiancee when he looked in his rearview mirror.

"I ended the call when I saw Bobby had gotten into an accident," Wesley testified. "I saw Terrell Suggs Purple Jersey him go out of control in my rearview mirror. I saw him slide left and it looked like he was going to get it under control and then he started spinning."

Wesley said he turned his car and returned to the scene, where he again called his fiance.

"I told her that Torrey Smith White Jersey it was serious and that it didn't look good," Wesley testimony. He also called the Hornets' trainer and later received a call from Phills' wife, Kendall.

Wesley's version of the events contradicted those of a prosecution witness who said the two Porsches were racing on Paul Buck Boulevard. Campbell said Phills spun his tires going out of the coliseum parking lot, and Wesley's car then pulled up to him.

Campbell said he told Wesley: "You better not try that or I'll scratch your car with my keys." That left about a 10-second gap between Phills and Wesley on the feeder road, Wesley's defence lawyers contend.

Legal experts say it's unlikely Wesley, if convicted, would spend any time in jail. Instead, he would probably face a fine and possibly community service.

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