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recalled that, after the Navy Seals raid that killed Osama last year, the show did a sketch with Obama "getting his mojo back." "It would be really fun to see that Obama again on the show, the confident Obama who comes out on the campaign trail," he said. "

From the context of the above lines, "get one's mojo Joe Haden Jersey back" sounds like "get back one's guts or perk up," but I'm not sure. What do both phrases of "smooth without big handles" and "get Maurkice Pouncey Premier Jersey one's mojo back" which were shown in Phil Dawson Limited Jersey the quotation marks in the text mean?

Are they both well-established phrases or idioms?

I also had/have another meaning of Mojo: That Mojo is the essence of your personality that makes people recognize you, take notice of you etc. When you get your mojo Joe Haden Jersey back, you get back to being the person people recognize as [insert great personality trait(s) here].

In the next case, "smooth without big handles", from a comedian's perspective, simply means it's not easy to "pick up" the personality style of Obama, just like you'd find it difficult to pick up something that was "smooth without big handles". It's easy to "pick up" some people and impersonate them, you pick up Troy Polamalu Jersey their traits (see: Shatner, Walken impersonations for examples). This is not an idiom, it's just a Trent Richardson Limited Jersey verbal description of how Jim Downey describes the issues with his impersonation of Obama.

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